JJA buys a quote mug

ImageJulie bought an inspirational quote mug the other day. However, the mug would only be inspirational to someone who understands the feeling of creating something. The joys, the fear, the pride, the fear, the hope that comes from making something original with your bare mind.

This mug lists the first sentence of several classic novels. And they are thrown on it like a key to greatness that’s missing the piece that lets you turn the lock. Which initially pissed me off.

When I came across the mug, the object stared at me like an all-knowing pair of eyes that said, “We got you to feel some type of way in one sentence. I’d like to see you do that to someone.”

But the quote mug didn’t piss Julie off. She picked the porcelain ornament off of the shelf, and her greenish eyes brightened like a searchlight making it’s turn around a lighthouse. She held it the way you hold an interesting looking flower. Something about it just made her value the unique mix of seemingly insignificant words that came together to form this other seemingly insignificant language that somehow makes its presence known as something extraordinarily beautiful. I watched her twist it in her hands for a minute until she looked up, and said to no on in particular…

“This mug is inspirational. I want to be inspired!”  – Julie


She walked away and I was pregnant with fascination, and the baby daddy was the lilt in Julie’s voice when she declared what she wanted.

“Is it that easy?” I thought.

She made is sound that way.

Julie is the kind of girl who surprises you all of the time. When I first met her, I saw a pretty girl with a big smile. A smile that swallows you whole and makes you feel like friendship is just liking someone enough. There were no barriers, no tests, no prerequisites. Julie is the kind of girl that can find something beautiful within anyone.

When we would study together in her living room, I’d watch her reading sometimes. She’d slouch into the curves of her sinking beer-scented couch, relaxed in every way except for her eyes.

Julie has the eyes of poet. They don’t just move from left to right, but they follow the curves and waves of whatever she’s reading. Julie makes it look like you’re supposed to consume life through levels and frequencies. She breathes in knowledge with her intelligent eyes and her pupils dilate into saucers when she reads something worth the extra space.

These are the same eyes that looked at the mug, and the same eyes that stare off into space when all of our friends are fighting to be heard in a conversation, and the eyes that look at me sometimes – all with the same distant musings of unspoken understanding.

I’m one of the saps that still believes that everyone has a purpose in life and that Julie’s purpose is to be an inventor. Not the cheap sort that I desperately grasp and fight to be every waking moment of every day, but a natural one. She’s someone whose existence creates a world where you can do no wrong. So unlike the other consumers of overpriced quote mugs, Julie didn’t turn the mug into a means to help her get through the morning or remind her to be inspired. She bought the mug to celebrate the value of the little things that come together and make your eyes grow wide with wonder.

Cause at the end of the day, a quote mug is still just a mug. No matter what you fill or cover it with.