Airplane Mode

I slide my phone on airplane mode
Because it reminds me of the way your eyes look
Right before we’re about to take off

Airplane mode
Because it’s surreal to be in the clouds with you
And you grab my hand when you look out the window
Like I’m the only thing keeping you on the ground

Airplane mode
Because you give me that look as we’re ascending
And I know you’re scared when it gets bumpy
As you play it cool and click your seatbelt together

Airplane mode
Because your heart is beating 6,000 mph
And you span your wings out when I reach up to your atmosphere
To give you the first kiss of the night

Airplane mode
Because I’ve never seen you speed faster than when you’re undressing me
And I make you feel like you’re part of the Mile High Club
Even with both of our feet on the ground

Airplane mode
Because when I’m above you I look down to seeing you soaring
And I feel like I’m Amelia Earhart
Right after flight across the Atlantic Ocean

Airplane mode
Because you’d rather I just be your flight attendant
And you remind me of that guy fueled by cranberry vodkas
Way too drunk to be in first class

Airplane mode
Because everyone else is in awe of the city out the window
And you slide the curtain over to cover the scenery
Like nothing good is waiting for you on the ground

Airplane mode
Because you start to let go when we’re coming down
And I remember that I’ll always be as disposable to you
As that bag of peanuts you didn’t want in the first place

Airplane mode
Because you’re starting to get sick of flying
And reach up to grab on to your oxygen mask
Like I gave you a reason to use it

Airplane mode
Because you’d rather crash than let me lay you down gently
And your engines shut off so abruptly
Before we even get to the destination

Airplane mode
Because I was loving the view that I painted just for you
And you decided not to fly
Even though I would always keep you up in my sky


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