stir fries

I was at safeway picking out a green pepper for stir fries right? when this nice polis woman came up to me she is related to big polish restaurant owners in Baltimore and she asked me “what are you cooking?” I said “im cooking breakfast burrtios, duh“ which crazy because polih people make pierogies like its no big deal one time I went to my polish friends house and his mom made the best pierogie I swear they were so tender but its tricky because cooking pulled pork is so difficult honestly timing is everything like finding the best valued moonbounce for your 23rd birthdy party and having the right mount of stuffing at thxgiving no more no less honestly and you find yourself in a position where the right balance of salt n pepper is pretty crucial for the best mashed potatoes that need to be mushed by the best musher but I really think that if youre making mashed potatoes that maybe a good stir fries might be in order.



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