str8 MAN

Its like when youre at the bar and your eyes lock with a girl from across the room, giving her the wrong impression because the truth is you don’t even like girls you were just admiring her outfit but you decide to take her to the zoo anyways and you immediately find the zoookeeper and look him right in the eye and you say “fuck you” with every ounce of emotion in your being and as good as it felt he is going to forget about it in 2 weeks just like you forgot everything you learned in 10th grade Spanish because you spent the whole class staring at DEAN  , hoping he might invite you over to his house after school again to smoke pot out of his bong and listen to sublime while watching a muted English premier league soccer game, and even though you hate sublime and you hate watching English premier league soccer you hold on to the hope that maybe he will give you a hummer in his Hummer this time.



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